Britney Spears

Elog of Nothing

Dagoberto of Husayn Bellucci


… and how many beautiful singers of presence that would be better to make the company …” (Franco Battiato - “Music is tired” - album “Lost Horizons” - 1983)
“Women do not have hardly anything to say but say it in a way so delicious”
(Oscar Wilde - Aforismi) “I love women, especially women girls who do not understand anything I want the good ones also the same idiot …” (Luca Carboni - “loving women” - album “…

Meanwhile, Dustin Hoffman and not a mistake film - 1984)

The company reversed contemporary ‘living’ and mode of consumption, cultural models of reference and ‘mild’ baked in large quantities by the film, music and television. These are products of ‘nothing’ that is, for millions of teen-ager’s (Anglo-Saxon term that has replaced the system among the Italic “teenagers”), the main points of reference ed’imitazione. Actors, actresses, singers and all that is’ spread ‘from the “magic scatolotto aliases television (tissues, VELETTE, letterine, presenters, presenters, comedians, dancers, Cazzaro of every gender and’ race ‘) are the new idols of a youth depauperizzata of values and ideals for which the mental alienation becomes a constant and a daily ‘fascinating’. Systems in a systematic gripping the younger generation that is the role played by the models of reference proposed by the mass media took a major way for even those who tomorrow will be the behavior, customs, consumption, and especially the way of thinking and to act accordingly subject of future ambulatory dell’effimero company in next future.

Analyzing the contemporary ‘contorta’ of modernity is the most interesting to ‘writer’ who happen - nell’attraversamento cycle terminal this black Kali Yuga or Iron Age as it were, the absolute desecration and total reversal of all values - it intends to ‘confront’ face to face with reality and, if ‘properly’ prepared wished ‘live’ scans the space-time fast-paced and exciting ‘fury’ nichilistica.

E ‘un’ exercise ‘dangerous (… “remain standing among the ruins” …) but still’ fit ‘as “training” “psycho-physical aptitude’ for the training of soldiers and political ‘aware’ of this and its’ pitfalls’. So the music …. With its myths and its function alienator / approval.

We have already had occasion, on other occasions, the ‘practice’ on the review of music albums or ‘prose’ analytical-articolistica compositions of us authors’ dear ‘: Franco Battiato, Piero Ciampi, Luca Carboni, Tiziano Ferro, Fabrizio De Andrè, Francesco De Gregori, Guccini ei Nomadi … today we will talk instead of Britney Spears, a decade on the ‘crest of the’ music world with ups and downs, marriages’ out ‘(… the’ offer ‘happy’ s Accession to shi’ismo … you ‘find’ ‘good’ …) true and false, drug problems, expectations of ‘prolistico’, fall and impact of ’style’, returns to a large dusting on stage, a critical Iosa suspected chili of ‘too’ (… just ‘bad’ … it ‘like’ false-thin ..) the whole ’surrounded’ by an image that makes it absolutely one of the ‘reginette’ undisputed pop music …

The set of mundane events-gossippistici the ’sbracate’ and ’smutandamenti’, the inordinate ‘leaks’ compulsorio and activity of the’ character ‘are obviously part of a’ Britney fenomento ‘(… the’ trash ‘like’ condition ‘of life …) to which they must join a musical production of quint’ordine and seventh level, and an irresistible transformism that follow - more or less’ faithful’ to wake - and perpetuate the model of the eighties Madonna maximum archetype of female vanity and ambition modern seduction and sex appeal ’soft-gay’ for all ‘flavors’ of’ transgression ” stage ‘and the fiction film that transformed the Italian-American Maria Veronica Ciccone in a mix ‘explosion’ of elegance and rudeness, ranging from a youthful sexuality ‘rockeggiante’ set to ’style’ to a new age spirituality kosher-which was mentioned in chronicles often mundane or fashion magazines and music. Madonna unquestionably an ‘incomparable’. Britney in the footsteps of a ‘giant’ …

But we try to ’sum’ from ‘prehistory’ of the phenomenon of music - for ‘convention’ - call it “rock” and which, like it or not, is also the strand-pop that has had so much success starting from the eighties . To understand this phenomenon because “Britney” should be ’start’ by fundamental or, to be more exact, to analyze the historical development that in half a century has marked the film industry, the production of music and especially of ‘myths’ and his gait steady as the central reference model for contemporary societies.

This means we need to tell the story of the ‘deviation’ system operated through the ‘disarray’ generation product by inclusion in modern societies by rock music and its protagonists: from Elvis Presley in the fifties to the Beatles and Rolling Stones in the next decade through the punk hard-core (and more largely all music ‘politicized contestatario’-time) In the Septuagint up to explosion of British pop with Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet in the eighties.

E ‘un’ fil-rouge ‘which, in a straight line, leads us to the present day and conclusively as’ target’ always privileged youth. The ‘end’ of systemic models have leaked from the musical, since the second half of the fifties until today, is the change, transformation and depravity fashions, customs, attitudes, mental and behavioral generations of young people. The music industry, more than any other, ’seeks’ to young people …
“While approaching the end of the twentieth century - wrote Piero Mantero (1) -, grows ever more impressive use of music, especially among the younger generations. Radio, TV, video-clips, literally bombard the ether and the organs of hearing and visual listeners of musical notes. The boom has added video to the sounds that the image illustrates. (…) We are now familiar (el’assuefazione can be dangerous) to feel in the midst of pleasant musical and poetic interpretations, or unbridled obsessive rhythms, provocative images to look around, sometimes covered with purely demential implications. ”

We ‘let’ to highlight what influence is exerted in a uniform way among the young and less young, dall’assidua view of television music programs … “MTV” and “All Music” is’ contesting ‘the audience for years among adolescents and children … we are we too ‘distracted’ regulars …
Statements of ‘professionals’, producers and artists of contemporary world music’ show ‘more than any’ ciancio ‘as possible has been the influence of rock music on society and on the habits of the’ sheep matte ‘of modernity: “Pat Boone in The Roots of Rock’n'Roll, writes:” No one can say that the influence of rock’n'roll has been healthy and successful! It is like a flute player, a magician corrupted, leading a whole generation with its self-destruction. ” (…) The magazine “Rolling Stones” in particular states: “The rock is more than music, is the nerve center of a new culture ed’una youth revolution.” George Harrison, former member of the Beatles, said: “Music is the main interest of modern youth. Does not matter that the old did not listen, because in any case they are finished.. ” Graham Nash says in turn: “The pop music is a means of communication that affects the thinking of people that listen. I also believe that the musicians through the music, enjoy a great advantage. We could lead the world … we have at our disposal the necessary power. “. (…) Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones, which is nicknamed the ‘Lucifer rock’ declares: “We always work to direct the thought and the will of the people and most groups are equally” (see the “Beggars Banquet). In his best-seller ‘Do It’ (Do), the anarchist Jerry Rubin, writes: “Elvis has awakened our bodies, changing them completely, strongly penetrated inside of our bodies, the pace trascinante raised all the passions which were rejected and retained. The back seat of a car was the scene of the sexual revolution, while the car radio was used as a medium for this subversion. The rock marked the beginning of the revolution. We have gathered together a new political life as a psychedelic lifestyle. Our way of life, our acid freak our clothes, our rock music, here’s the real revolution. “(2)
This is not the ‘home’ or the time to analyze the specific influence of the explosive pop-rock a half century ago, its role as a subversive agent and instrument of destabilization of society, beginning with the U.S. and landed in those of Eastern Europe in the West first and then once ’shot down’ the wall ‘Communist’ Socialist ‘real’, because - in passing - we have already employed around the phenomenon of subliminal messages in music and their ‘Work’ on the human psyche. They are the preferred analysis of authoritative Catholic who, for years, working on this’ space ‘also produces’ effective’ documentation about the ‘risks’ produced by certain musical productions.

Some ‘gaps’, unfortunately only partly filled by the journalist (3), it would be necessary to fill especially with regard to many authors of the Italian music’ unexpected ‘or alleged’ such ‘(in regard Mauritius Lattanzio had already opened a’ front ’s investigation ‘years ago on the monthly “Vanguard” taking care of’ musical diversion ‘represented by’ mysticism sulphurous’ Franco Battiato … you ’see’ the article “Messages Sulfurea” nr published in the February 1993 monthly Trapani) …

We ‘find’ just a sequence subversive indisputable that from ‘delirium’ in American society produced by the phenomenon Presley (no subject … however nothing ‘Aryan’ …) in the fifties, has characterized the involvement of pop-rock music in the world turning modern rhythms and habits. The ‘target’ of these privileged ‘attention’ as seen subversive are adolescents … remember the scenes of collective hysteria of his concerts in America Elvis or the Beatles and Rolling Stones in England? These ’suggestions’ by mass were’ metabolizing ‘in subsequent decades, largely through the dissemination of media especially through television, entering the homes of millions of workers, ended up becoming the means par excellence of conditions habituation to the models’ cultural ‘overturned demential fashion, consumer products often useless and unnecessary purchases because “fashion”.

In this regard it would be impossible not to say a few words the influence exerted by the advertising for which often were subliminal messages conveyed industrial primordial attempts to mind control then also passed to the music and film.

Violation of consciousness through the subliminal messages is a reality that the psychiatrist Jean Paul Regimbal has studied and analyzed for years coming to give a clear enough to be able to openly talk about ideas’ dangerous’ even though obvious attempts to exploit / control human minds, “for more than thirty years - writes Regimbal (4) - a powerful revolution has taken shape without political parties, no election speeches, and even without an ideological manifesto setting out the aims and objectives of the new revolutionaries. For the first time in history, a profound social revolution, economic, moral and cultural chose to proclaim his radicalism through music, songs and groups “stars” of rock’n'roll. In the beginning everything was not taken seriously, because all s’immaginavano it would be more in fashion, which would have ended as they were finished, the charleston, the boogie-woogie and the twist. However, the socio-cultural phenomenon of rock’n'roll, appeared at the beginning of the’50s, it spread to the world as a wave of bottom mixed with mud, debris, blood and human sacrifices. Thirty years later the rock music has evolved to become the most powerful bodies of revolution, the minds and hearts ever come out from the bowels of hell. ”

Without using a similar ‘tone’ in demonizzante critique of modern music (…. Of which we are also ‘large’ ‘consumers’ …) we note, however, as it was relatively easy to’ drop ‘the age of the’ users’ of the message pop-rock over the years: If the Beatles and Rolling Stones (but also, in times of ‘disputes” global ‘, the jew aka Bob Dylan Robert Allen Zimmerman, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, not to mention the’ cursed ‘Jim Morrison, whose tomb is still preferred destination of ‘pilgrimages’ … the’ rock ‘as’ inverted religion’ …) ‘attracted’ twenties in fact the mass rallies that resembled a real function ‘liturgical’ of opposite sign (marked by orgiastic rites and embraces the light of day under the influence of hallucinogenic substances, drugs and alcohol) since the early eighties groups’ pop ‘the most successful (Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, the same Madonna) directed their message to fifteen years’ ecstatic’ (… remember the significance of a film entitled “marry Simon Le Bon” …) will be the “spice revolution” of the nineties that the ‘target’ user is lowered further: Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears as models reference for young girls of ten to twelve years …

Unavoidable then the ‘implications’ are produced by a similar’ education ‘which aims at the end of childhood / adolescence first to communicate to certain negative values’ crescituri’ … The results are, moreover, there for all to show how abundantly ‘ chronicles’ daily from any corner of the peninsula Italiot … as we ‘try’ to ‘apply’ to ourselves the lessons lattanziani (…. The second Grand Gascon of Peoples there is a real “slang male terrorism” against women who taking / holding in / adoption of a frasario that the “fair sex” is simplistic and superficial ‘felt’ in terms of “slut”, “slut” and the like …. actually it is’ recognized ‘in the fear that of ‘confrontation’ with the women’s modern world …. ‘upper’ and ‘opposite’ to that of men … the rest live in the “female society” par excellence where the “be” wherever he is known to replaced the ‘have’ as a goal priority while the Spirit has overlapping and imposing de facto the most raw materials … companies’ reversed ‘Mass …) we note a general “imputtanimento” mass …

In fact, ’say’ to Britney Spears … the ‘reginetta pop’ world we ‘like’ because it represents and embodies a generation ‘worthy’ of these modern times: the generation ‘latest’ …. The void. And one can not say that it is a “stupid” (… we have never ‘thought’ … even when ‘rookie’ a decade ago, it ‘attitude’, while ‘Given the age’, with the teenager in the video for “Baby one more time “…) when ten-year career, from 1998 to date, has sold over 84 million records worldwide of which 31 million in the United States alone by placing eighth among women who have sold more in history the U.S. pop music market.
“In early 1999 he published his first album,” … Baby One More Time “, that only the United States has been awarded 14 platinum discs, and has sold 27 million copies worldwide.

The fame of the singer was consecrated by an appearance on the cover dell’importantissima music magazine “Rolling Stones”, in April 1999.
The picture unleashed some controversy and prompted the idea (also denied by its representatives) that the singer, then 17enne, had undergone plastic surgery operations to seno.In estate left by his first tour, the “… Baby One More Time Tour “. In December, he received four awards from Billboard, including that of “Female Artist of the Year”, and in January of 2000 he was awarded best pop artist rock newcomer to American Music Awards.

Also had two nominations for Grammy Awards of 2000, as Best New Artist, best emerging artist (won by Christina Aguilera), and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the single “… Baby One More Time” but did not collect victories. ” (6)

From that point on, it was a “ride” the triumphant success, for success, success of the female icon for the Third Millennium … six albums (including the last “Circus”, published December 2 last year, has established a record of almost absolute copies sold globally … to have a ‘vague’ idea of success dell’attesissimo album Return of the “entanto prodigy” of American pop music is enough to know that in a week from the album will reach half a million copies sold in the States, that there will be similar success in Europe where “Circus” reached in a few days after publishing the European summit of the European Top 100 Albums being the best selling of the Old Continent and that 27 of the same month d ‘output will be in first place in the ranking of global sales the United World Chart. At that time had only sold 1,104,343 copies in the U.S. …. a’ machine ‘industrial’ war ‘winning and perfectly tested …), dozens of individual , many fortunatissimi video, world tour, a series of perfumes’ trend ‘, gossippistiche appearances on major newspapers and magazines (which makes Britney, along with Madonna and Paris Hilton, one of the richest women and envied of America) even a video game on her and many “attempts to imitate” (… ‘almost’ one Week Enigmistica “pop music …).
We Britney ‘like’ … if only because s’ha ‘giocarsela’ ‘good’ in world ‘upside down’ of modern music … great to recover from any ‘trauma’ family by separation, loans’ prolistici ‘complex problems with alcohol and anything ‘propionate’ from the “star-system” of hooliwoodiana memory.

‘Play’ with its image in an unequivocally ‘great’ from true ‘faemina maximae’
Why Britney Spears? …. Why not?
The analytical survey on the company upside down mass contemporary ‘deserves’ a place of excellence also disruptive’ eccentricity ‘vulgar-glamor of Britney Spears will … why do some’ Kameraden ‘well thought of’ take up ‘even a virtual party (BNP Britney National Party …. ‘winning’ in the recent past elections Politicaonline also say ‘mostly’, thanks to the charming candidate ‘premier’ forumistico … Lupa Black uber alles) … is because if such a political party shall submit to elections’ real ‘(… and if not granted that they are …) would be extremely’ compliant ‘compared to the chasm of ideas that’ mark ‘the programs of parties and candidates’ serious’ policy will be Italiot … why - until’ time ‘candidates - we will even “revolutionary catechism” of anarchy-Marxist Sergeij Neçhaev … In ‘bottom’ are quite Oscar Wilde when he says to “believe in everything, provided it is sufficiently unbelievable” …. Britney Spears is amazing enough!

In ‘Waiting’ for a reconnaissance analysis of the revolutionary fury Neçhaev ‘follow’ with the blonde disincatato interest of the Pussycat Doll’s.